If Dogs could Talk?

What if your dogs could talk? What would they say? Would they agree with you? Would they use sarcasm?

Dogs have remarkable emotional intelligence. They are extremely proficient at reading body language and emotion. Heidi can tell when we are leaving and will often go into her crate before we give her the command simply because she can read the pattern of what we do before. Dogs also express a great deal of emotion without talking. Some dogs like Heidi also vocalize their emotion and can express love, affection, frustration, excitement, and disapproval.

Humans are very social and we seem to ascribe anthropomorphic qualities to our pets. We imagine them thinking and speaking as we would. This practice often endears the pets to us and it give us many hours of enjoyment. I enjoy pictures and videos of emotional or funny dogs on Pinterest and Youtube. Although I don’t like cats as much as I like Dogs I definitely know how to get along with cats and although cats seem more stoic that doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t experience emotions too.

So what is your dog saying to you?

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