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One of the most exquisite gifts you can present your rescued dog is a high quality dog bed. Our pack has discovered the exceptional quality and durability of the Orvis Dog Bed. Rescued dogs often horvis-dog-bedave experience with sleeping outside without proper food or adequate shelter. Demonstrate your love with an Orvis Dog Bed.

We selected the Large Wraparound Fleece model of the Orvis Dog Bed and we have been very pleased with the results. The bed consists of sturdy, durable construction that will survive years of washing machine cycles. There are two separate sections: the main cushioorvis-dog-bedn and the wraparound cushion. We chose the memory foam main cushion but there is a polyester version available too. Both cushions are located in zippered pockets that are easily to remove in order to clean the bed. The main memory foam cushion comes with a waterproof case so even if your dog has an accident it will not soil the cushion. The Foam can be removed from the cover if you wish to remove it.

The other zippered compartment for the wraparound cushion contain a dog sized body pillow. The wrap around cushion is perfect for the dog who likes to curl up to sleep. Also sometimes my dogs rest their heads on the wraparound pillow.

If you look closely you will notice that the sleeping surface is made up of a very soft fleece material that is very comfortable. Actually I assume that is it comfortable since my dogs love to sleep on it. In all honesty it is a little to difficult for me to use the dog bed because it was intended for dogs to sleep on.

orvis-dog-bedOrvis Dog Bed washing instructions:

To wash remove the cover. Machine wash. Cover separately in cold water only. Do not mix with light colored articles.

Do not use bleach or strong detergent to dry; use delicate cycle or gentle setting with very low heat. Reshape as needed.

This is the description of the Wraparound Fleece model of the Orvis Dog Bed from the Orvis website:

  • Plush microsuede cover
  • Non-shedding FleeceLockā„¢ sleeping surface won’t pill, pull, or shed
  • Polyester-filled wraparound bolster increases your dog’s sense of security
  • Cover is removable and washable


  • X-small 20″ x 19″ outside dimensions, dogs up to 15 lbs.
  • Small 28″ x 21″ outside dimensions, dogs 15-40 lbs.
  • Medium 36″ x 29″ outside dimensions, dogs 40-60 lbs.
  • Large 42″ x 33″ outside dimensions, dogs 60-90 lbs.


    • Orvis Memory Foam: Calibrated for canines, it provides optimal support and reduces pressure on joints and hips. Ideal for larger and older dogs. A water-resistant liner keeps the memory foam clean and dry.
    • Polyester Fill: Springy and plush, it won’t clump, shift, or flatten. Ideal for dogs who like to nest and nuzzle. Washable.

This cozy nook of a dog bed has long been a customer-favorite style. Dogs delve right into the wraparound security and cozy up to the fleece sleep surface. Imported.

This is the breed sizing chart from the Orvis Dog Bed product description:

Finally, take a look at additional images of the Wraparound Fleece model of the Orvis Dog Bed:





So take my rescue Heidi’s seal of approval for serious comfort in the form of all her fur. You might want to invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner if your dog sheds like Heidi!





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