Philosophy of Having a Dog

Why do you want a dog? What are you looking for in a dog? What expectations do you have that your life will change after you have a dog? How committed are you to making the dog relationship work? The answers to these questions will determine what kind of dog owner you will be and if you will remain a dog owner or not.

dogFundamentally an old proverb says that an ethical individual cares for the life of their animals. Such a care intrinsically comes from a sacrificial mindset that is willing to sacrifice one’s own well being for the sake of others. When you acquire a dog you don’t become the dog’s owner but rather the pack leader. Leaders lead by example and through servant leadership putting the welfare of others above your own. Also a leader must be worthy of being followed. As a pack leader this means being consistent, calm, patient, and dominant.

Why do people want dogs? Dogs are very friendly. They are loyal companions. They provide affection and protection for a family pack. They will infuriate and delight you as well. You will not be able to stay angry at your dog. If these motivations are hitting home then you are on the right track. If you instead want an accessory to go along with your perfect house, fast car, and stamp collection may I suggest that acquiring a dog may not work out for you. Your expectations will not be met because having a dog requires commitment and responsibility for the welfare of the animal. If you do not wish to make that type of a commitment then I suggest that you should not acquire a dog.

What do people look for in dogs? Many want a dog with a certain cosmetic look or defining attribute. May I ask why?  If you live on a house on a lake like in New England or in the Canadian Maritime Provinces is it wrong to look for a water dog like a Newfoundland or a Labrador Retriever? No You are looking for a dog based on where you live, your climate and your lifestyle. This type of dog was bred for this climate and will have a great quality of life. If you live in Texas is it wrong to look for an Alaskan Husky because you like how the dog looks? The dog will probably struggle with the climate and unless you have a huge property will probably be frustrated with pent up energy. Is the desire for the cosmetic look worth the reduction in quality of life that the dog will experience? How you answered the previous question will determine how you answer this one. If you are committed to being a good pack leader and taking care of the dog then you will probably say no.

What expectations do you have that your life will change after you have the dog? Dogs are a lot of work. When you first get the dog there is a learning curve. Often you will have to deal with certain undesirable behaviors. You will have to be disciplined to train and properly socialize your dog. Your life will change in a big way. You will have to feed the dog. You will have to clean up after them. You will have to take them out for their poddy breaks right after you get up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. If you don’t want your life to change. Don’t Get a Dog.

Finally, How committed are you? If you fall short on any of those questions my advice would be do not get a dog. Watch the follow film about how people fail on this issue.

Gift – ( Official Video ) Director’s Cut from zsofia zsemberi on Vimeo.

This short film is our gift to all living creatures on the planet and we hope you will like it, and it will make an impact.

Directed by Zsófia Zsemberi

Red – Bernáth Júlia
Father – Bernáth Dénes
Mother – Berki Szofi
Blond girl – Helmeczi Emma
Dog – FAPF Heather

DoP – Horváth András
Idea, Script – Görögh Attila, Zsemberi Zsófia
Editor – Zsemberi Zsófia, Szigethy Márton
Post-production- Horváth András, Szigethy Márton, Fazakas Fanni
Make-up – Horváth Enikő, Szathmári Szilvia

Music Rachael Dadd – Wake It (Eastaste)
Stray Dogg – Almost (Eastaste)

Nagy Leia Tímea, Mártai Mariann – Zuii Organic Hungary, Bíró Csaba – Dévai Szent Ferenc alapítvány, Jostein Skare Thygesen, Zsebe Zsolt, Szigethy Márton, Fazakas Fanni

sponsored by Zoetis Hungary Kft.

Hits home doesn’t it. Before you get a dog count the cost. If you truly care about your future dog you will make decisions consistent with the best welfare of that animal.

Be a Hero! Rescue a Dog.

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