Vacation without the Dogs? I miss them!

I’m on vacation. The first family vacation in a while away from home and the dogs. I had to put them in the Kennel. It isn’t too bad since I pay 11103063_10102959736131914_1899723866224223593_o-impextra for a large kennel that Heidi and Thumper can be together in. They get the same food and great care. But I find myself at times wanting to greet my dogs and wincing that they aren’t here. I take the opportunity to reflect back to when my life was simpler before I had Heidi or Thumper. I wasn’t even married and there were two things that characterized my life: unhappiness and loneliness. 1536560_10102282126432184_330529546_n-imp

I was in the military serving overseas in Japan living the dream so to speak but hating my life at the same time. Then I met Kim and everything changed. Kim adopted Heidi about a year before we got married. She moved to California and understanding how sketchy parts of Southern California can be I insisted that she have both a roommate and a dog. Heidi has been a fantastic dog. She has her moments but we love her and she loves and cares for us. When I recently had surgery she stayed with me and protected me in the guest bedroom.

What a change a year has made. We adopted Thumper a year ago. I still remember the day we drove down to Southern Massachusetts to meet the rescue. He came out of the trailer and he was so scared. He couldn’t care less and was scared of everything. We got him home and gave him a bath. We finished all his medical treatments and got him his surgery to remove his infected teeth. Just the other w1010978_10102361784382014_955939293_n-impeek the totally unexpected happened: he started to play with me and Heidi. I am just floored that Thumper would have been so emotionally damaged that it has taken him a whole year of happiness to undo the damage in his previous life. At the same time I’m in awe of the emotional resiliency for him to comeback from that kind of trauma. Most people would have difficulty doing it.

So as I reflect on my life and how my life is better for being pack-mates with Heidi and Thumper I want to encourage and motivate anyone considering adopting a dog: Do it! You will not regret your decision.

Be a Hero. Rescue a Dog!

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